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We Make Results

Our law firm and personal injury attorneys have more than 35 years’ experience in bringing personal injury claims to fair and just conclusions on behalf of our clients. In that time, our professionals have achieved a large number of precedent-setting results in various areas of personal injury law. Below, we provide a small sampling of our accomplishments on behalf of our clients. Please note that the amount received by a client in any given claim depends on the unique facts of that case, and that the compensation in your case may be lower or higher. Please contact our expert lawyers for more information on valuing your claim.

16 Feb Complex Liability Cases

Acheson Sweeney Foley Sahota has a lengthy track record of success in cases involving complex questions of liability or fault, including cases requiring extensive expert evidence for engineering issues, medical care standards, or accident reconstruction. For instance, in Meghji v. Lee,...

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16 Feb Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Our firm has also found considerable success in medical malpractice actions against physicians and other professionals. This includes significant trial judgments and multi-million dollar settlements. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot discuss the specifics of those cases. Be aware that...

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16 Feb Class Action Lawsuits

Our firm’s involvement with class actions dates as far back as 1995, when the government consulted experts from our firm to assist with the drafting of the Class Proceedings Act, which governs class action law suits in the province of...

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16 Feb Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our most extensive expertise lies in dealing with claims involving serious motor vehicle accidents, those resulting in serious physical injuries, trauma to the brain, psychological or psychiatric damage, long-term or permanent disabled status, or any combination of the foregoing. We have...

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16 Feb Case Involving Children or Infants

Some of our firm’s most significant successes relate to verdicts or settlements for injuries suffered by children and infants. We have represented children and infants in nearly every type of accident or personal injury claim, including motor vehicle collisions, medical...

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