Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Victoria BC

Good legal advice demands knowledge of the subject matter. At Acheson Law we are cyclists too, so we understand the joys and dangers cycling provides. If you are injured in a cycling accident in British Columbia, the lawyers at Acheson Law are here to help.

  • Cycling accidents can be caused by any number of things: poorly designed paths or roads, faulty equipment, or the actions of other cyclists, pedestrians, or drivers. For this reason, many injured cyclists often do not even recognize they have a legal claim – however our experienced lawyers have a proven track record of finding fault where others do not.
  • Cyclists have little protection, meaning their injuries are often severe and require ongoing medical treatment. At Acheson law we have relationships with many of the best medical professionals in British Columbia, and will ensure you are receiving appropriate care designed to help you rebuild your life.
  • We understand how expensive medical treatments can be and how this often acts as a barrier to recovery for those who have not yet received compensation for their claim. Accordingly, we will help coordinate access to all the medically-necessary care you need before your case resolves.

Have You Recently Been Injured In a Bicycle Accident?

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My Cycling Accident Involved a Motor Vehicle – Can You Still Help Me?

Possibly. While ICBC’s recent change to ‘no-fault’ insurance largely excludes lawyers from the process, if your accident occurred before May 1st, 2021, we may be able to help.

My Bike Was Severely Damaged in the Accident – Can I Get a New One?

Yes. The purpose of the civil justice system is to restore harmed persons to the position they would have been in had the harm not occurred – so you can receive compensation not only for your injuries, but also for your bike.

What If I Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

Acheson law provides legal services on a contingent basis – meaning you do not pay us anything while we are working for you. We only get paid after the claim resolves and only if your claim is successful.

I Was Just in a Cycling Accident in BC – What Should I Do?

  1. Get to a safe place – if the accident occurred on a roadway, get off the roadway.
  2. Check everybody for injuries and call 911, if necessary.
  3. If your accident involves a motor vehicle, get the license plate number and report it to the Police.
  4. Collect evidence
    • Contact information for all persons involved in the accident
    • Contact information for all accident witnesses
    • Photographs and/or videos of the accident scene and any damage to bicycles and/or motor vehicles
  5. Get qualified medical attention as soon as possible, even if your injuries seem minor
  6. Get your bike assessed by a mechanic to ensure it is safe to ride and, if not, determine how much it will cost to fix it.
  7. Call the lawyers at Acheson Law to discuss your options.

Why Choose Acheson Law for Your Bicycle Injury Claim?

Our firm has a lengthy track record of successfully representing bicyclists injured by negligent drivers, pedestrians, and other users of the road. We fight hard to protect the rights of cyclists on the roadway and in the courtroom – our experience and expertise in this area will help get you the medical care and compensation you deserve. Cycling accidents can be traumatic and stressful for all those involved – even long after the event. Let Acheson Law support you throughout the process of your bicycle injury claim.

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