Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling is popular in British Columbia and we are lucky to be able to ride all year long. Unfortunately it can be dangerous to ride on our roads, as drivers don’t always take proper care or keep a proper lookout for bicycles.

Cyclists have statutory rights under the Motor Vehicle Act, the same as motor vehicle drivers do. They also have special responsibilities, such as wearing a safety helmet. Although a helmet will offer you some protection from a head injury, the rest of your body is extremely vulnerable to injury from impact with a motor vehicle or the pavement. The reality is that when a cyclist and a motor vehicle collide, the cyclist is the one who will be injured and it can be serious.

Our firm has a lengthy track record of successfully representing bicyclists injured by negligent drivers, pedestrians, and other users of the road. We fight hard to protect the rights of cyclists on the roadway and in the courtroom – our experience and expertise in this area will help get you the medical care and compensation you deserve.

Have you recently been injured in a bicycle accident?