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Our firm has successfully represented clients in almost every type of personal injury case. We take on individual claims, as well as class actions. We help people who have been injured in car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents, as well as in slip and falls, by medical malpractice or by defective products.

While we all want to believe that our insurance company is here to support us during difficult times, the fact is that insurers want to settle quickly and for as little money as possible. This is where our expertise and experience benefits you – our firm will fight tirelessly on your behalf until your claim reaches an appropriate settlement or a final decision is made in court.  Find the best lawyer for your  case, we put your wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do.


If you’ve never consulted with an injury lawyer before, we understand that the process can sometimes seem intimidating and/or confusing. Rest assured that we are here to work with you and will happily walk you through the steps so you feel comfortable and understand how everything works. Learn More about finding the best lawyer for your case.


If you have been injured by someone, you should consult with a lawyer. A good lawyer will review your case and give you an unbiased opinion on whether you need legal representation or not. If you have been injured and have lost time from work, or are suffering from the injury for more than a few days, you should hire a lawyer.

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Motor vehicle accidents can be terrifying experiences. However, what happens afterwards can be just as scary. If you sustain injuries that result in the need for financial compensation, it’s important that you receive help from a lawyer. Not all car accidents are the same and liability isn’t always clear – which is why you need an experienced team of dedicated Attorneys at your side.

Class actions are a powerful legal tool that allows groups of people to unite to pursue a legal claim. These lawsuits are particularly useful when the wrongdoer has significant financial resources or when the case is complex.  Class actions remain one of the most important tools for keeping powerful businesses and organizations accountable for negligent behaviour.

While slip and fall accidents are common, proving responsibility for them can be difficult. Property owners and managers are required by law to keep their properties and buildings safe, but proving negligence of those duties is not always straightforward. That’s why it’s very important for anyone who has suffered a slip and fall accident to obtain skilled, experienced legal counsel.

Countless people travel by air each year. Whether it be for work or pleasure, airlines provide a fast and efficient way of getting from point A to point B. Unfortunately, the distance covered when travelling by air can become a logistical nightmare when an injury occurs in this process. When you’re halfway across the world, or flying over the Atlantic ocean, who bears the cost of an injury that ruins your trip?

Our experienced team at Acheson Law is here to help. If you’ve been injured while flying on a plane, or in the process of embarking or disembarking therefrom, our lawyers can guide you through the process of identifying the responsible parties and obtaining full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Travelling by air does not have to be a stressful experience. Put your mind at ease knowing that if your air travel takes a turn for the worse, Acheson Law is just a call away.

Assault & battery charges are of the most serious violations and can have significant implications on your freedom or liberty. Whether a threat or act of assault took place, an assault charge is taxing for both the victim and accused.

There are many different forms of assault, and physical harm does not necessarily need to occur to be accused/convicted. In fact injury does NOT have to occur for an assault charge to be placed. Because of this, not all accusations are viewed the same, and the outcome you may face depends in large part on the competencies of the lawyers behind you.

With British Columbia’s statutory requirement for will makers to provide for a spouse and child, obligations and entitlement have become progressively complicated and divisive. We understand the passing of a loved one can be difficult and dealing with disputes between other beneficiaries or executors can only worsen the stress. Whether you have been unfairly treated in a will and wish to challenge, or you are an administrator facing a claim from a dissatisfied family member, you’ll need a team of estate litigation lawyers with extensive experience.

It’s often believed that insurance providers, or plan administrators, have the last word when it comes to disability benefits. Although, if your disability claim has been wrongly denied or terminated, don’t lose hope. It’s important that you contact the right lawyers who will assert your rights, and fight for the benefits you’re legally entitled to from insurance companies, employers, and/or government programs.

Injuries from motorcycle accidents tend to be far more serious than an average car accident, primarily because of the lack of protection a motorcyclist has when riding. Many motorcycle accidents occur because the other driver wasn’t paying adequate attention to the road or the vehicles around them.

Being unnecessarily injured at the hands of a medical professional is a traumatic experience for anyone. The fact is that we all make mistakes, even those in the medical field. Nevertheless, when mistakes are caused by carelessness or negligence, those who made them must be held accountable for their actions.

Like motorcyclists, cyclists have substantially less protection than the drivers that collide with them. It’s not unusual for a cyclist to be seriously injured when hit by a motor vehicle, so it is extremely important that cyclists receive legal counsel in the aftermath of an accident.

Accidents caused by drivers hitting pedestrians are all too common, even when the pedestrian has the right of way. This has a lot to do with distracted driving, which ultimately means the driver is accountable for the accident. However, driver negligence must still be proven and the stakes are often high, given that the injuries sustained by the pedestrian are likely to be serious.

Being out on the open water can make one feel as though they are free of rules or restrictions. Nevertheless, the rule of law still applies and boaters are required to maintain safe behavior. That is why those who cause boating accidents through their own negligence should be held legally responsible for their actions.

The mental trauma of sexual assault can often leave its victims feeling helpless and unwilling to discuss their experience. But victims deserve to be heard. Which is why Acheson Law will treat your case with the sensitivity, compassion, and respect you deserve. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with these challenging cases and will work extensively to guide you through the legal process and fight on your behalf.

Protecting human rights is fundamental to a just society and all individuals living in British Columbia deserve the right to equal treatment. In fact, provincial jurisdiction has legislation that prohibits differential treatment or termination on prohibited grounds, such as: age, race, religion, and disability. Where an individual believes that their human rights have been breached under protected grounds, it’s vital to have first-class legal professionals at their side.

Since land use planning balances the desires of property owners with the broader interests of the community at large, it often results in legal disputes requiring guidance from lawyers who are knowledgeable about these intricate matters.

Known and respected by the development and regulatory communities, Acheson Law works constructively with participants on all sides of the development process.

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