Finding the Best Lawyer in Victoria for Your Case

We are here to help clients through what can be a difficult and confusing process. We offer free consultations and work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid until your case is settled.

How to Find the Best Attorney in Victoria, BC

Finding the best lawyers in Victoria during the personal injury claim process is an important decision since insurers have mandates to pay out the least amount of money possible – whether or not it reflects the severity of the injury or the subsequent personal, mental or physical costs to the individual.

We provide a free consultation, no matter the size of your claim or case. If you do decide to hire us, we will immediately go to work for you.

Our main objective is to get you back on your feet and because we have over 35 years experience in personal injury law, we’re able to connect you with the medical professionals you need – not the ones the insurers want you to see.

Our experts will become your voice in discussions with insurers, medical representatives and any other parties involved in your case. By letting us act on your behalf, you’re able to focus on the most important issue: your recovery

Have you been injured through no fault of your own?