16 Feb Case Involving Children or Infants

Some of our firm’s most significant successes relate to verdicts or settlements for injuries suffered by children and infants. We have represented children and infants in nearly every type of accident or personal injury claim, including motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, “shaken baby” cases, and pedestrian accidents. In those cases, we have obtained numerous judgments or negotiated settlements in the seven- and eight-figure range.

For instance, in E.B. (Litigation guardian of) v. Basi, 2012 BCSC 1169, a “shaken baby” case, our firm successfully negotiated settlement with the defendants by establishing, through medical evidence and advocacy, that the plaintiff’s injuries would require lifelong, one-to-one medical care. In approving our firm’s fees in that case, the BC Supreme Court recognized that the $13,000,000 settlement negotiated by our firm on the plaintiff’s behalf constituted “roughly one and one-half times the previous high” for the province, amounting to “more than double” the sum received by plaintiffs in previous shaken baby claims.