07 Sep Personal injury claims – a quick FAQ

Personal Injury Claims (PIClaims) enable innocent victims of accidents to recoup:

  • 100% recovery of expenses for medical care, rehabilitation and disability
  • past and future income losses
  • other compensation, known as damages

We field certain PIClaim questions more frequently than others, so we wrote this blog post to provide quick answers to three of them.

Nobody else was involved in the accident. Can I make a PIClaim?

No. Somebody else must have caused the accident – at least partly – for you to make a PIClaim.

I was injured while driving for work. Can I make a PIClaim?

That depends. In this situation, you can make either a WorkSafeBC claim or a PIClaim.

If I receive other benefits, can I make a PIClaim?

You may make a PIClaim even if you are receiving other benefits such as:

  • ICBC Accident Benefits (a.k.a. “no-fault” and Part 7 benefits) for medical care and income loss
  • private or group extended health or disability income loss benefit plans
  • Employment Insurance sickness benefits
  • Canada Pension Plan disability benefits.

However, if you have other insurance coverage you do need to disclose that you are receiving other benefits to ICBC (you are not permitted to double dip).

Other questions?

We go into greater depth on PIClaims in our information sheet. Download it for further answers and if you would like to discuss your case, [intlink id=”19″ type=”page”]give us a call[/intlink].