Emanuela Bocancea

Law Student

Emanuela worked at Acheson as a summer student in 2018, and she is excited to return to the firm to complete her articles. She is currently in her final year of law school at the University of Victoria, which includes a semester working at the Law Centre where she will represent clients in criminal law, civil law, family law, and human rights matters. Upon graduation, Emanuela will temporarily relocate to Edmonton (where she grew up) to complete a ten-month clerkship at the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. As a clerk she will work closely with the judges of Alberta’s superior court on their cases, assisting them with research and editing, and observing all manner of court proceedings. After this experience, she looks forward to her return to Acheson and to lovely Victoria.

Prior to law school Emanuela completed a BA (Honours) and MA at the University of Alberta, and a PhD in Archaeology at Brown University (in Providence, Rhode Island, USA).

While studying at Brown, she conducted research, co-directed fieldwork, and engaged in community outreach at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra in Jordan, and on the island of Montserrat in the British West Indies. Prior to that, she was a diver in an underwater survey on the island of Menorca (Spain), and a surveyor and excavator on ancient sites in Romania and Greece. She has lived in Romania, Germany, Canada and the USA. She continues to foster a love of travel, adventure, and foreign languages. She has native fluency in Romanian, can read/write and converse in German, and has advanced reading comprehension in French, Spanish, and Italian.

When not doing legal work, Emanuela can be found exploring Vancouver Island with her family and spending as much time outdoors as possible. She is also a podcast addict, coffee shop connoisseur, (pre)history enthusiast, and avid seeker of archaeological sites and museums wherever she goes.

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