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Claim Deadlines

Here you will find basic information on claim deadlines; it is not meant to be a substitute for legal advice. If you are unsure of what deadlines apply to your situation, seek the best ICBC legal advice.

There are various deadlines that apply to claiming ICBC Accident Benefits for medical care and income loss, to claiming other benefits and to Personal Injury Claims. The following description of various deadlines is meant as a guideline only because calculating certain deadlines can be quite complicated. In order to be sure about deadlines, consult us.

Deadlines regarding your claim for ICBC Accident Benefits for Medical Care and Income Loss

There are three specific deadlines set out in the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation that affect your claim for ICBC Accident Benefits:

  • The first is that you “promptly” give ICBC notice of your accident. The general practice is that “promptly” means within 36 hours of the accident.
  • The second deadline requires that you submit a written statement to ICBC within 30 days of the date of the accident. This statement need only state that an accident happened and who was involved. (Do not let ICBC write a statement for you. If you consult a lawyer, he or she can prepare and submit your statement to ICBC on your behalf.)
  • The third deadline requires submission of a proof of claim form within 90 days of the accident. ICBC refers to this form as a CL22 Form. We have a copy of this form and can submit it for you, if you retain us as your lawyer.

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Deadlines regarding your personal injury claim

Generally, you must make a Personal Injury Claim within two years of the date of the accident. This two-year limitation period may not apply to infants and those deemed mentally incompetent, in which case the limitation periods may be extended.

Also, if you are suing a city or municipality because of a roadway hazard, you must notify the city or municipality within 60 days.

These are areas that require legal analysis and you must consult a lawyer immediately; there is no advantage to waiting.

For more information on Personal Injury Claims, see: Making a Personal Injury Claim – Innocent Victims of Accidents.

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