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Putting the pieces together after a motor vehicle injury can feel overwhelming. Dealing with pain, treatment, doctors, rehabilitation and employers are all compounded by what can feel like an endless stream of questions and decisions that have to be made quickly.

How do I deal with ICBC?

How do I get the care and financial assistance I need?

After the car accident, who pays for what?

Victoria ICBC Claims Attorney

We are here to help you. The best thing to do is call us for an appointment to speak to one of our expert ICBC claims lawyers in Victoria about your case.

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In addition to our general information which you can click to download here, we have also provided a series of 17 topical discussions covering the most common questions and scenarios you will face in dealing with an ICBC injury claim.  You can access them directly from the topics index below.

However, every case is unique and the end result depends on the facts involved. This is why we encourage you to call us to talk about your case as soon as possible after the accident (preferably before you speak to ICBC but it is never too late to seek legal advice and representation).

We only represent plaintiffs – we never work for the insurance companies or ICBC. This has made us experts in proving the claims of injured persons, but also means that we only have your best interests in mind when we represent you.

Have you been injured through no fault of your own?