24 Apr Future Household Cleaning Expenses

If you suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident that affect your ability to clean your home, you may receive compensation for that. 

In the case of Thomasson v. Moeller, 2014 BCSC 2465, our client was a very active young woman who was married with two young children at home.  She also worked as a licensed practical nurse.  She was injured when the vehicle she was a passenger in was involved in a collision.  She suffered serious soft tissue injuries which developed into chronic pain. 

Despite Ms. Thomasson’s injuries, she was a dedicated employee and she continued to work, albeit fewer hours.  A rehabilitation consultant assessed her and found that she required assistance with household cleaning.

The Judge agreed that 1.5 hours per week of household cleaning assistance was reasonable, until the age of 65 (her anticipated retirement age).   He found that since she was capable of working about 25 hours per week as a licensed practical nurse before retirement, she would be capable of some physical effort at home once she was retired.  The Judge allowed a household cleaning award of $39,435.