12 Aug Assessing Future Economic Loss for a Young Person Injured In Motor Vehicle Collision

Injuries involving young people without a developed career path can be challenging.

In Ishii v. Wong, 2015 BCSC 922, the Plaintiff sustained various injuries including fractures to his right and left wrists, and right leg which resulted in a permanent partial disability.  At the time of the collision, he was 18 years old and had finished high school.  He hoped to be a pilot or an automobile mechanic.  At trial four years later, the Plaintiff was 22 years old and was working as a pizza delivery driver.

At trial, the Plaintiff argued the Court should assess his future economic loss based on him becoming an automotive service technician.  However, due to the motor vehicle collision he was limited to light – medium duty occupations.  He currently earned $10/hour but had the residual capacity to earn $16/hour.

The Defendants argued that the Plaintiff would not have become an automotive mechanic regardless of the motor vehicle collision.

The Court accepted that the Plaintiff did not have the ability to meet the physical demands of an automotive mechanic and that he lost the opportunity to pursue other trades.  The Court awarded him $400,000 for this loss.