Welcome to the Acheson Sweeney Foley Sahota personal injury case law database.

Our firm has collected and organized a number of personal injury court decisions in a publicly-accessible database, for use as a resource by law students, other lawyers and firms, as well as the general public. This database will include some of our firm’s results, as well as results from many other lawyers. For information about results from this firm only, please click here.

The British Columbia Supreme Court and the British Columbia Court of Appeal are the sources for all of the cases in this database; these cases are not official versions of the material produced, and were not made in affiliation with or the endorsement of the British Columbia Superior Courts.

Gee v. Basra and others

             THE COURT:  The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident on October 4, 2011. Liability for the accident has been admitted....

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Gill v. Mijatovic

             The defendants have applied to extend the time for the filing of a Notice Requiring Trial by Jury (the “Jury Notice”) which was filed beyond the 21 day notice period provided for in Rule 12-6(3) of the Supreme Court Civil Rules, B.C. Reg. 168/2009....

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Thorson v. Vandop

             The plaintiff, Melissa Thorson, claims damages for injuries she sustained as a result of a motor vehicle accident on May 7, 2013. At the time of the accident, Ms. Thorson was stopped near the intersection of Fraser Highway and 160th Street in Surrey, BC when she was rear-ended by the defendant, Cornelius Vandop. This proceeding was brought under Rule 15-1 of the Supreme Court Civil Rules, B.C. Reg. 168/2009....

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Olson v. Yelland

             This case involves an assessment of damages relating to injuries sustained by the plaintiff on August 3, 2012, when the truck she was driving was rear-ended by the vehicle driven by the defendant (“Accident”)....

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Takhar v. Sidhu

             THE COURT:  This is an application by the defendant in proceedings brought by Mr. Takhar respecting injuries he alleges arose from a motor vehicle accident which occurred in October of 2012....

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Lapointe v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

 This is an appeal from a Master’s summary judgment decision: 2015 BCSC 4. The appeal is based on a Court of Appeal decision handed down one day prior to the Master’s decision: Century Services Inc. v. LeRoy, 2015 BCCA 120. The procedural point decided by the Court of Appeal was not argued in front of the Master....

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Squire v. Siemens

             THE COURT:  This is an application to adjourn a trial set in this personal injury action for April 11, 2016, for three weeks with a jury. There is a concurrent application to transfer the proceeding to Vancouver. By the time this trial is heard, if it proceeds as scheduled, it will have been five years since the subject accident....

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Johal v. Radek

             THE COURT:  This is an application by the defendants for an order that their expert witness, Dr. Robin Rickards, be examined on oath before a court reporter by video deposition on February 5, 2016, the Friday prior to the trial of this matter, and that the record of the examination be made available to be tendered as evidence at trial....

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Suthakar v. Humble

             On July 15, 2011, the vehicle driven by Thaneswary Suthakar, which was also occupied by her two sons, her mother and her friend, was struck twice in the rear while stopped at a red light at a major intersection (the “Accident").  Ambulance and police attended at the scene.  Ms. Suthakar was taken to the hospital by ambulance where she was assessed and discharged....

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T.M. v. G.M.

             The infant plaintiff was sexually assaulted by the adult defendant while the plaintiff was in and near the residence of the defendant and his wife playing with his son. He pled guilty to criminal charges of sexual assault and was sentenced. The issue in these proceedings is the assessment of damages flowing from eight incidents of sexual assault....

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Beardwood v. Sheppard

             The plaintiff claims damages for injuries he suffered during a motor vehicle accident that occurred on April 13, 2012 (“MVA”).  He was a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle driven by his common-law partner, Ms. Anne Butler when it was struck at an intersection by the defendant’s vehicle....

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Litt v. Guo

             Ms. Litt, the plaintiff in this matter, is seeking double costs from the dates of delivery of three formal offers to settle, preferably (in her counsel's submission) from the date of the earliest offer....

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