Welcome to the Acheson Sweeney Foley Sahota personal injury case law database.

Our firm has collected and organized a number of personal injury court decisions in a publicly-accessible database, for use as a resource by law students, other lawyers and firms, as well as the general public. This database will include some of our firm’s results, as well as results from many other lawyers. For information about results from this firm only, please click here.

The British Columbia Supreme Court and the British Columbia Court of Appeal are the sources for all of the cases in this database; these cases are not official versions of the material produced, and were not made in affiliation with or the endorsement of the British Columbia Superior Courts.

Sebaa v. Ricci

             The plaintiff seeks an order pursuant to Supreme Court Civil Rule 9-1(6), B.C. Reg. 168/2009 for double costs; either from March 3, 2015, the date on which the plaintiff made a $495,000 settlement offer, or from March 9, 2015, when the plaintiff made a $345,000 settlement offer....

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Hendrix v. Handa Travel Student Trip Ltd.

             This is an application by the defendants, Handa Travel Student Trip Ltd. and S-Trip! (collectively the “Handa defendants”) for leave to file a third party notice and for an extension of the time within which to serve that third party notice for a period of one year...

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Dabu v. Schwab

             The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident on September 23, 2011. She now suffers from neck, back and shoulder pain. Liability is admitted....

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Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia v. Flanagan Enterprises (Nevada) Inc.

            The defendant Canada, representing Transport Canada, objects to the admissibility of an expert report tendered by the plaintiff from Mr. Clifford Neudorf, the recently retired Superintendent of Transport Canada’s Aircraft Evaluation Group, National Aircraft Certification and Maintenance & Manufacturing.  Canada’s objections relate to both to qualifications and to deficiencies in the report itself....

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Leach v. Jesson

             This is an appeal from the dismissal by a master of the plaintiff’s application for an order for production of redacted copies of the defendant’s hospital and ambulance records for 20 November 2012, the date of the rear-end motor vehicle accident that gave rise to this action. The master’s oral reasons for judgment are indexed at Leach v. Jesson, 2016 BCSC 434. Liability for the collision has been admitted by the defendants. The trial of this damages assessment is scheduled for the 18 April 2016 assize....

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McCullum v. White

             The plaintiff, Mr. McCullum, was injured in two separate motor vehicle accidents that occurred on September 30, 2008 (the “First Accident”), and on March 20, 2011 (the “Second Accident”) respectively, (collectively “the Accidents”). Liability for the Accidents has been admitted. The central issues that are raised pertain to:a)       the extent of Mr. McCullum’s injuries; andb)       whether Mr. McCullum has properly mitigated his losses....

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Ali v. Fineblit

             This is an assessment of the plaintiff’s costs pursuant to the order of Madam Justice Gerow, pronounced August 25, 2015. The reasons for judgment are found at Ali v. Fineblit, 2015 BCSC 1494....

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Maldonado v. Mooney

             The plaintiff Mr. Maldonado – being of Hispanic extraction, he follows the convention of his maternal surname being placed last – sustained a significant back injury in a rear-end collision on August 26, 2009. Liability is admitted. In issue at trial are pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages including loss of earning capacity and cost of future care.EvidenceBackground...

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Pike v. Kasiri

             Jeffrey David Pike (“the Plaintiff”) is about to turn 40 years old. Almost six-and-a-half years ago, on August 18, 2009, at about 7:00 p.m., the Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck on the right side as it entered an intersection by a vehicle driven by Ashkan Kasiri (“the Defendant”), who had proceeded through a red light. Liability for the accident is admitted....

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Rutter v. Adams

- [4] II.    ISSUES [5] - [8] III.   EVIDENCE AT TRIAL [9] - [198] A.   Danica Fletcher [10] - [83] 1.     Prior to the First Accident [10] - [23] 2.     The First Accident [24] - [27] 3.     After the First Accident [28] - [52] 4.     The Second Accident [53] - [55] 5.     After the Second Accident [56] - [83] B.   Kevin Fletcher [84] - [110] C.  Robert Rutter [111] - [122] D.  Marion Rutter [123] - [133] E.   Stephen Matthews [134] - [136] F.   Leanne Robb [137] - [140] G.  Erin Salo [141] - [148] H.  Expert Evidence [149] - [198] 1.     Dr. Heather McLeod, Family Physician ...

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Nijjar v. Hill

             On September 3, 2010, a motor vehicle driven by the plaintiff Jaspreet Nijjar was stopped at an intersection when struck from behind by a vehicle driven by the defendant Susan Hill.  Ms. Hill has admitted that the accident was caused by her negligence....

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Sharda v. Moran

             The plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident in October of 2009; liability has been denied and a tentative trial date has been arranged between counsel for October or November of 2018 once such dates become available. There is a separate action involving a second accident which occurred in November of 2012 which has been set to be heard at the same time as the trial in this action....

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